CMS Website Development

Content Management System (CMS) Development is an online management system for managing the content of websites. Through this customized content management system development, the content of different websites is upgraded to provide informative and additional content to your websites. Web CMS development gives you the flexibility to add additional pages and manage your website without getting into any technical aspects of your website.

The web CMS development programs features the following functions:

  • The feature allows you load unlimited number of pages without any hassle. These additions do not slow down your website’s response time.
  • You can also name your page accordingly to the way you want with the help of this service.
  • You can optimize keyword and priority words directed towards your particular web page so that the finders get direct access to the page they might be looking for.
  • You can also edit existing pages and modify them if you want. Addition of graphics or new content can also be done at ease with the help of this service.
  • You also get separate design features and multiple authors who write rich content for your site.
  • You can access this program from anywhere without any new tool to install.
  • The web pages this service generates are user friendly and attractive to the people.
  • You can manage the additional features or advertisements or any other links associated with your website without any problem. With the use of the features, you are sure to increase your business manifold.

A M Technologies is equipped with experienced resources who are well versed in the field of CMS and they provide you with customized solutions to cater to your needs. You can contact us for quality CMS Development services. For more details please click here

Best Option for Website Redesigning

 A M Technologies.

The basics of a commercial website and the need of making it appealing to the customer might be very well known to you; however an audit of your website might reveal areas that need improvisation. This is where we at A M Technologies help you redesign your website to provide better results. Before opting for a redesign of your website from any web designer you must ask yourself few questions

  • How long has it been since your website got an update ?
  • How much of optimization procedure has your website for securing better page ranks ?
  • How important is it to change the look in order to attract clients ?
  • What is the extent of redesigning you want for your website ?

If you feel that you have an affirmative reply for these questions then you must opt for our web designing services that are of top notch quality when it comes to redesigning a website. A M Technologies is one of the best web designing company and with us you can expect good results in less time and reasonable costs. Our programmers and engineers are highly experienced and skilled in their respective fields. We provide you with services of the best web designer and strive to give your website a new and more appealing look. With our web designing services you get benefits like

  • A steady pace with the ongoing changes in the internet world and suitable changes to your website for better results
  • Being one of the best web designing company our workforce helps you make maximum benefits by adopting procedures that better your page rank
  • Through our web designing services your old website gets new look that is of critical importance to increase you customers Every web designer at A M Technologies follows a few basic guidelines and approaches that help to improve the performance of your website and its functionalities.
  • Firstly our web designer conducts a complete analysis of your website by finding out the strengths and weaknesses. We follow statistics to understand which pages have more hits and which ones have lesser ones. Web designing services are delivered accordingly to improve the pages that did not attract many customers earlier.
  • We have our experts who will consult with you before taking any steps and will maintain complete transparency in the entire process of website redesigning. This way we will be able to understand your needs and demands in a better manner.
  • Our web designing services include a complete review package that we employ in order to let you know how the new look of your website will fare in the market and how effective will it be to attract customers.
  • We make sure that our web designer delivers to you only the most effective measures to enhance your website after all the research and reviews.

We are committed to bring you the best returns for your investment and that makes us one of the best web designing company.

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Best SEO Services In India

Our Professional SEO Services has the following steps or approach

We make sure that the content of your website is well written and most importantly well presented to the client, in a simple and well informed manner. The content is also high on the readability factor.

  • The framework and the designing code of your website is important as that might determine the time for which your client has to wait for the page to open.
  • We look into the links that are present in your website and check whether all are still active, increasing the number of healthy acts as a significant contributor.
  • We keep various web directories informed about your website.

With our services you can increase the visibility of your website considerably and provide yourself with a chance to gain the top ten SEO rankings in search engines. Since we provide affordable SEO services we are well known among our clients and also for customer satisfaction. We have professional SEO services for delivering offshore services in India. Our work hence is well known and appreciated everywhere.

Search Engine Marketing ::

You can use our search engine marketing services to enhance sales through few of the best search engines in the web. We deliver professional SEO services that help increase sales in websites like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. This form of online advertising is pocket friendly and provides to you the largest platform for advertising your product. To top it, we make matters more convenient for you by delivering affordable SEO services at your doorstep.

We at AM Technologies understand your needs better than anyone else and hence our developers are able to provide you with the most effective SEO services available in the market. Being one of the leading firms that provide professional SEO services we have a reputation that is unparalleled in this field. We have a number of clients who use our search engine marketing services, both Indian and offshore. Those who have experience of our services have appreciated our work and given positive comments about the affordable SEO services that we deliver.

With AM Technologies you gain access to professional SEO services like

  • Complete background knowledge of your project work and similar working procedure
  • Along with optimization of page rank we also have services like web editing and web designing that we provide at cheap rates
  • The quality of developers we provide for your project is excellent as they are few of the most efficient developers any firm provides
  • They maintain the time limits and never compromise on the quality of work that is being undertaken

Social Media Marketing ::

Social media marketing services have various advantages for your business that is cost effective and provides high returns

You make very high commissions at very less expenditure

  • Here you can gather clients and propagate your business at the same time
  • Through professional social media marketing you can potentially expand your business and its network worldwide
  • Social media marketing in India and abroad is very useful as it allows very high interaction with the clients.

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Look at Our Website Development Services India

Website Development India: Web designing made convenient and simple

A website looks unimpressive unless attractive website design work is not done on it. Every website requires strategic website design work especially if it is one for commercial usage. Your website might be one that offers the best of services in the genre. However, if the services are presented in a very organized manner along with an added visual appeal then you have a fair chance of attracting more clients. AM Technologies provides you exactly that, and at affordable prices and low time limits.

Website Development for us at AM Technologies is something that is backed by a very dedicated and proficient work force. Being a website designing services provider, we make sure that your website gets the most updated technology to power it and also manage the content with extreme care. AM Technologies makes sure that that your web design requirements receive proper care and technical backup whenever needed.

With our offshore web design services you can expect to present your information and make better impression on your visitors. AM Technologies as a web design service provider makes sure of few points in your website

  • Blend of colors in your webpage
  • Layout and space utilization
  • Presentation of data in a lucid and organized manner for easy navigation
  • Apt page sizing for various screen resolutions

These website designs are the few basics we maintain for our website designing services. We make sure that we reach the proper levels of integration to make your webpage more effective and attractive. Website design is of primordial importance because of the retention factor. If your website has good SEO work it will help attract people to your website but without a good design the bounce rate of your website will be much higher. At AM Technologies we have a proven record of creating Search Engine Optimized websites of splendid design which not only attracts the target mass but also retains them.

Our dedicated web design services, make sure that your website is quick and easy to navigate, also if it has options for download then we make sure that is easy accessible to the client. The programmers at AM Technologies completely understand that to keep a client hooked to your website it needs the best services of web design and they make sure that your website gets those services.

Technical Expertise of AM Technologies:

  • XML
  • SOAP
  • REST

We also provide services for .NET and PHP based applications along with a number of third party web services.

Among many of the services offered by AM Technologies which makes us one of the best web design services you also have access to services like

  • Logo Designing: Our professionals help you design a logo for your business website.
  • Template Designing: Web templates play a major role to in increasing the appeal of your web page we help you design that as well.
  • Banner Designing: For advertising purposes our professionals also design banners that help you provide a platform to your products and increase sales

Our dedicated work times and exemplary work has helped us to be proclaimed as one of the best web design services. You can also contact us for customized website design for special purposes.

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Excellent web designing services India

Any website that does not have a visual appeal can fail to connect with audiences. Lack of a proper framework or lucid manner of presentation contributes to the low popularity of a website. To ensure the hits for your website and maintain the traffic you must arm yourself with an affordable web designer who is dedicated and has a sense of creativity that can contribute to your web enhancement.

We at AM Technologies offer you the dedicated and pocket friendly services of web designing in India and other countries. Your decision to hire professional web designer from us will prove to be fruitful in future and will provide you with the desired returns. We understand your website’s importance and hence provide a risk free environment for web designing purposes. Our approach for web designing is to first gather proper background knowledge about your services.

We design your website in such a manner so that your clients are able to connect with you in an easier manner. Those who hire professional web designer from us know that we understand that a good first impression can work wonders. Hence we put stress on the development of layout and nice framework of your website. Our dedicated and affordable web designer makes sure that navigation in your website is simple and all the links that are important are well located and visible. All these factors contribute to increase the attractiveness of your website. We provide you with expert services for web designing in India and similar ones for offshore projects.

Website designing services provided by AM Technologies include services like

Logo designing : We provide you with affordable web designer who designs your logo. This is very important as with a proper and effective logo you can express the sincerity and value of your services very easily. The different Logo designing service we have are

Logo design for products are Portal Logo Design, Scientific Logo Design, Corporate Logo Design, Surgical Logo Design

Flash designing: AM Technologies provides you with dedicated professionals for designing an audio/visual tool for web propagation. Since the attractiveness determines the hits you get, we make sure that your website is visually appealing.

Multimedia designing: You can hire professional web designer from us who can design a multimedia web page that includes Flash animations and other attractive tools to enhance the look of your website.

Image processing: With our services for web designing in India you can equip your website with tools for image processing. These can include apps for image cleansing, photo restoration etc. With such tools we provide your website a very friendly feel.

AM Technologies is a reputed firm in the field of website designing and offers to you affordable website designer who are well equipped with relevant knowledge. From your decision to hire professional web designer from us you gain a lot of advantage for your website in this age of competition. Our services for web designing in India and abroad are well recognized.

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software development firm located in India

A M Technologies primarily works on customized software development and web solutions for onshore and offshore customers. We have a global client foot print with customers in India, U.S, Australia, etc.

Founded in 2005, A M Technologies is proud to be led by extremely focused and dedicated professionals, who are known for their entrepreneurial skills, experience, and expertise in a wide spectrum of industries. Through our solution partnerships and strategic alliances wecontinue to expand our horizons in the global market.

A M Technologies has delivered hundreds of cost effective and high-quality software solutions for a wide range of industries and domains including consumer and business software development, web hosting, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, real estate, community services and many others.

A M Technologies has been able to satisfy their customers by providing high quality, cost effective, scalable, robust, secure, easy to use and error free product. A M technologies is committed to helping its clients to achieve operational and strategic excellence by providing superior products and services.

Quality & Adaptability :

TWe are a company aligned to customer satisfaction. We are stubborn – as far as the quality of work is concerned. Keeping with this belief we first understand the need of customer and then suggest those appropriate changes or updating and after receiving feedback we hand over them, complete error free product.

Our technical expertise and innovative concepts allow us to adapt client’s need.


To be the leading provider of integrated and intuitive Business Solutions to any companies in India or even in abroad. AM Technologies is committed to helping its clients to achieve operational excellence by providing superior products and services.

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